Web design and development

We provide the building blocks for your business, helping you to achieve your goals and vision. From basic WordPress websites to complex website design projects, we develop small business websites, e-commerce stores, events websites, custom landing pages from scratch with a focus on usability.

We have a team of full stack, frontend and backend developers specialized in web designing, web and development. BDF believes that any solution will be effective only when it perfectly complements existing business strategies, practices, structures and vision. Each project is unique in its requirements and our approach subsequently differs. Our belief is “Whatever is possible – we will implement it”.  

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Our recent projects

With every website we build, we consider the target audience, search engine optimization, and the client's conversion goals. Project planning, web design, and development, as well as marketing research, are covered in all our projects.

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Our pricing for web design


Target Audience: Ideal for small businesses or startups looking to establish an online presence.

Ksh 45,000 /Month

What’s included:

1 WordPress CMS Website.

No. Of Website Pages (5 Max).

Premium Theme Samples (2).

WP Bakery Page Builder or Elementor.

Responsive design for mobile compatibility.

Basic SEO setup (On-page).

Contact form integration .

Social media & Blog integration.

2 rounds of revisions.

Delivery Time (14 Working Days).


Target Audience: Suitable for growing businesses that require more features and customization.

Ksh 75,000 /Month

What’s included:

All services from the Starter Plan.

1 WordPress CMS Website.

No. Of Website Pages (15 Max).

Domain Name & Hosting (100 GB) Renewable Annually.

Website Analytics Integrated.

Google submission & Indexing.

Advanced SEO setup (Technical + On-page SEO) All pages.

Enhanced design elements and graphics.

Up to 15 high-quality stock photo integrations.

E-commerce Web shop (20 Products Max).

Up to 10 high-quality stock photo integrations.

1 Month Support & Maintenance.

4 rounds of revisions.

Delivery Time (30 Working Days).


Target Audience: Designed for larger businesses or e-commerce sites needing extensive features and scalability.

Ksh 150,000 /Month

What’s included:

All services from the Showcase Plan.

1 WordPress CMS Website.

No. Of Website Pages (50 Max).

Domain Name & Hosting (200 GB) Renewable Once after 2 years.

Premium Website Analytics Integrated + Reports.

Superior Optimization (Technical + On-page SEO) for All Pages.

AdSense, Posters, Web Banners & Ads.

Google Submission & Indexing.

Premium Website Security Firewall.

Customized e-commerce functionality (shopping cart, product pages.

Advanced security features (SSL certificate, secure payment gateway integration).

Custom plugin or module development.

E-commerce Web shop (100 Products Max).

3 Months Support & Maintenance.

Unlimited rounds of revisions.

Delivery Time (60 Working Days).

Website revisions pricing


Scope: Minor changes that are quick and easy to implement, typically taking less than an hour to complete.

Time Estimate: Less than 1 hour.

Ksh 5,000 /Revision

What’s included:

Text changes (e.g., correcting typos, updating contact information).

Image replacements (e.g., swapping out a photo for another).

Color adjustments (e.g., changing the color of buttons or text).

Adding or updating links.

Minor CSS tweaks (e.g., adjusting padding or margins).

Updating existing blog posts with new information.


Scope: More substantial changes that require more time and effort, typically taking 1-3 hours to complete.

Estimated Time: 1-3 hours.

Ksh 15,000 /Revision

What’s included:

Adding a new page or section with existing template designs.

Modifying existing layouts (e.g., rearranging sections on a page).

Installing and configuring a new plugin or module.

Creating and integrating a new form.

Updating multiple images or content across several pages.

Implementing basic SEO changes (e.g., meta tags, alt text).


Scope: Significant changes that involve considerable time, planning, and implementation, typically taking more than 3 hours to complete.

Estimated Time: More than 3 hours

Ksh 30,000 /Revision

What’s included:

Redesigning a section of the website (e.g., the homepage or product pages).

Adding complex functionality (e.g., e-commerce features, membership portals).

Creating custom graphics or interactive elements.

Extensive SEO overhaul (e.g., site-wide keyword integration, content optimization).

Major layout changes (e.g., switching to a new theme or template).

Developing new custom features or integrations (e.g., API integrations).

Monthly Retainer

KES 25,000/month for up to 3 revisions.
KES 5,000/Revision for any additional revisions